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We offer an excavation service to customers throughout the South of England who may have damaged or defective sections of underground piping that require work and are unable to be repaired using a pipe lining system.



We will determine what the precise issue is with your piping, for example; a partial collapse, a hole in the piping, or a displaced joint.


Once we have identified the issue we can carry out an excavation of the line to carry out repairs on the defective or damaged piping to allow full-flow to be restored. We carry out smaller excavations in-house with all larger works carried out by an approved and fully certified Civil Engineering Contractor.


Test & Clean
We carry out testing to ensure that the drainage system is flowing freely once again and take care of cleaning and disinfecting the affected area - a clean, conscientious and efficient service.


Advice & Feedback
Once the process has been completed we will provide advice on the best methods for keeping drainage systems clear and flowing freely now that they are repaired. At this point we will also ask you to let us know what you thought of our service as we love customer feedback to help us continually improve our service and maintain our already high standards.

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