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 High Pressure Drain Jetting 

We offer a powerful high pressure water jetting service to customers throughout the South of England who need either soft silt or harder-set substances such as cement removed from their drains, sewers or stack pipes and to clear blockages.

High pressure water jetting is often used to clear drains when a manhole has been overflowing with sewage into or near a property. We understand that this is not only an inconvenience and awful stench but also a health hazard for those affected and potentially the cause of long-term damage if not resolved quickly.


We use pressurised water that is forced through a nozzle at the end of a long hose using a powerful pump and inserted into the pipe or drain to provide a deep clean. It is one of the most cost effective ways to clear pipes and drains effectively and doesn't require digging up the pipes or the use of chemicals that aren't always good for the environment or your drains.

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