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CCTV Drain Surveys


We offer a CCTV survey service to customers throughout the South of England who have encountered recurring problems that have to be resolved without delay.

Recurring blockages can occur in drainage systems due to defects or damage in the line that you cannot see or reach. Structural damage can affect properties where underground drainage has been damaged or become defective. A CCTV survey system can also be used to carry out surveys for Water Supply Companies when building work will be taking place over an existing drain.

Recurring blockages can cost you money on a regular basis as you have to continually clear the blockage or lead to an even bigger bill due to subsidence issues around your property. If existing drainage is not surveyed before and after building works being carried out you may be liable for any damage discovered even if it wasn't your fault.



  • Diagnose problems early and accurately to solve them before they escalate.

  • It is a quick and effective method of diagnosis, the efficiency will save you money.

  • Traditional methods take much longer and often require more than one visit.

  • Disruption is kept to a minimum as there is no excavation required to find problems.

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